Neem Shampoo W/ Peppermint for people or pets

Image of Neem Shampoo W/ Peppermint for people or pets


I can`t list all the medical value Neem has, but to say I have more return business for this one bar of soap than any other!(besides Patchouli).I promise your pet will do everything in there power to tell you (if they speak please let me know!) how much they love you for using it! It works particularly well for dry itchy skin,for you or your best friend. Yes, if you feel like soaping up with them, do it! Many people in India,and now America, use Neem for skin and hair care, and everything in this soap is safe for pets and people.All ingredients listed above including Neem and Peppermint Essential oil.Do not use on cats.( I have a version without Essential oil. Essential oils can be toxic to a cats liver over time)
If you want multiple bars click on the 3 bar option and specify the kind of soap you want with the contact button at checkout.All soaps are the same price.